Background Profiles® Announces Update to Its Information Page on Employee Background Checks in the Healthcare Industry

October 23, 2016 – Pleasant Hill, California. Background Profiles, an NAPBS Accredited employee screening and background check service, is proud to announce an update to its information page on employee background checks in the healthcare industry, using so-called FACIS ® search technology. (FACIS ® stands for Fraud and Abuse Control Information System and is a registered trademark of Verisys corporation).

There is no substitute for proper due diligence on the hiring of a potential new employee, especially in the healthcare industry, but most companies realize that they do not have the tools needed to conduct a complete and thorough criminal background check of a potential hire. Scott Moran, CEO of Background Profiles explains, “This update to our FACIS information page lets busy employers and HR managers in healthcare more quickly understand the services we can provide, and alerts them to
opportunities they might not have known to ask about.”

Employee Background Checks in the Healthcare Industry

The FACIS (Fraud and Abuse Control Information System) search system identifies any prior actionable behavior of individuals in the healthcare field. This search system has proved successful, however, there are background check lawyers in Denver and other states ready to assist employees that feel they have been wrongly judged. Occasionally, names cross over. Services provided are more than just FACIS screens for potential employees. Employee screening is made easy and effective, both for employee pre-screening and post-screening (for on-going employees) despite the complexity involved in the process, especially in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare. The FACIS database has fine-grained information regarding improper actions of employees in the healthcare field. This includes information on disciplinary actionEmployee Background Checks ranging from exclusions and debarments to letters of reprimand and probation. Widely used by hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare systems, usa health insurance companies and home health companies, FACIS is a necessary tool to meet state and federal hiring regulations. After the background check has been completed, only the right and best-suited candidates will get considered for any vacant jobs in the healthcare industry. If you’re thinking about applying for a job in this industry, but you are worried about the outcome of this check, then finding help from someone similar to these healthcare recruiters can help you to find another job that could be better for you, as well as getting you back into employment without having to face any background checks.

To view the updated page on FACIS background check services for employers, visit There, one can not only peruse the newly updated informational page, but also click up to the homepage, which has also had a content upgrade. Persons interested in exploring the employee background check services provided by the company are urged to click up to the ‘contact us’ button, and reach out for a consultation.

About Background Profiles

As a nationally recognized background check and employee screening service, Background Profiles understands the complexity of employee background checks in today’s workplace. The company provides easy, automated web- ­based access to verify employee identity and to discover available information on an employee such as drug testing, criminal records, education history, social security number trace report, E-Verify and more. The company’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) are state ­-of- ­the- ­art and are Web ­-based. Companies in healthcare, education, government, the non ­profit sector, transportation and even staffing rely on Background Profiles as their trusted employee screening service provider.

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