Screening Potential Employees is the Way for Employers to Protect Themselves

There are so many rules and regulations surrounding employment in the 21st century that it is sometimes difficult for many employers fully to understand them all. If you are not an HR manager engaged in hiring on a day to day basis, but simply run a small business with a need to hire a new employee only now and again, then it is very likely that you will not be fully conversant with every aspect of the law. It is very easy to make a mistake.

Employee Screening Service

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Furthermore, it is also easy for a potential employee to misrepresent himself or herself during a job interview, especially where a small business is concerned, since it will be thought that a small business will not have the resources that a major corporate has in order to verify what is said. Even references can be faked very simply with ten minutes spent on a laptop.

Employee Screening For The Smaller Business

This is where our employee screening service can be so useful to the smaller business. Suddenly, you have at your disposal all of the resources that you will ever need in order to check on the details of a new or potential employee.

Our pre-screening employee screening service will weed out those whom you would not wish to employ, and can save hours interviewing people, deciding that they may be a good fit, and only finding out that they are not when you screen them at the point of employment. By pre-screening them you will know that you are only interviewing those you may wish to employ, so in effect you are only spending time with a short list.

If employees have not been pre-screened you will certainly want to screen them before offering a job. We have all the tools for checking the background of every individual including ensuring that they have authorization to work in the US. When you have completed a Form 1-9 we can check those details instantly using E-Verify which will issue an Employment Authorization when everything matches so that you can hire your interviewee. If there are any discrepancies, E-Verify will issue a Tentative Non-confirmation.

A Wide Range Of Checks

We can trace Social Security Numbers, and run a criminal record check. We can also provide you with an education history, previous employment records, check on references, and several other checks in addition, such as whether an individual is on a sex offenders register, for example. Everything that we do is strictly compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, since potential employees have rights as well.

We can also provide employee screening for existing employees. It is often a good idea to run regular checks on employees. They may have passed an initial screening with flying colors, but it is not unknown for individuals to acquire bad habits – even though they may have worked for you for several years.

Photo credit: Tony Peters via / CC BY

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