About Background Profiles and Background Profiles Reviews

About Background Profiles®

The strength of a company is shown in its clients’ loyalty. Our clients stay because of our ingrained service philosophy that is found throughout Background Profiles. It is our knowledge and experience that provide the employment screening solutions that save you money and mitigate your risks. 

Accurate and Timely – We work to protect you!

  • Experienced vetted researchers pulling records from over 3000 counties
  • 50-state legal compliance
  • Triple audit process in our company before it reaches yours

Cutting-Edge Technology – We continue to be one step ahead!

  • On-line access all the time.
  • Web-based Employment Application and Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Web-based report ordering and retrieval system
  • Full suite of management reports
  • Password protected area for online applications, training, education, hiring data, and whitepapers

Stellar Customer Service – We listen! Real people, honest answers—every time!

  • Solution specialists – Our knowledgeable teams help you define your needs and provide the best solutions.
  • Decision makers – Our flat management structure is designed to provide our customers with real solutions in real time including discounts.
  • Educators – We offer complete client education and compliance resources to help you make informed decisions that protect you and your company.