Employee International Records Search Service


What is an International Record and who needs it?

Today’s global economy means you are probably hiring qualified employees from international as well as domestic applicant pools, with the aid of companies like Peak PEO. It is just as important to verify the employment histories, education credentials and where permitted by law, the criminal records of foreign workers as it is to vet domestic applicants. We have expertise in over 300 countries, and our skilled investigators know how to obtain information quickly, accurately and in full compliance with local laws and Safe Harbor requirements.

If you are hiring employees of foreign origin, whether for permanent or temporary employment (e.g., H1 B Visas), it is imperative to work with a service that can conduct international records and international background checks on employees. By using our international employee screening services, you can rest assured that due diligence has been performed.

Why Background Profiles®?

We go directly to the source, not to secondary, outdated databases. When you need current information on your new hire, you can count on us for accurate information, all of the time.

If you’d like to learn more about our International Records services, please contact your Background Profiles Sales Representative today at 1-800-800-0197.

Updated: 5/15/2016