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Employee Screening: What Services are Available for Pre-employment Screening?

We aim to make employee screening and pre-employment screening easy. We are –

  • A nationally recognized provider of employee screening services in many industries.
  • A leader in employee background check and drug testing services, both pre-employment and post-employment screening.
  • Your insurance against a bad employee decision – because it’s your money, your time, and your reputation!
  • Why trust just anyone with your employee screening needs?

Employers today face many conflicting imperatives: the need to quickly hire quality employees, the need to respect employee privacy rights, and yet the need to screen / pre-screen employees prior to hire, or even sometimes after employment. You face many challenges, and what you need is an employee screening partner that can help make the process easier. Among our pre-employment screening services are: easy, automated web-based access to verify employee identity, including Social Security Number Trace reports, E-Verify and CBSV. We can also provide criminal records history, previous employment history, education history, conduct reference checks, provide electronic Form I-9, FACIS (Fraud and Abuse Control Information System) and many other pre-employment screenings. We know the needs of specific industries, and we are strictly FCRA compliant. We are a one-stop shop providing everything from drug testing and criminal background checks to employment and education verifications on employees and potential hires.

These days, smart employers screen all workers prior to hire, and for some employees in sensitive industries and/or positions on a regular basis. In every organization, employees are the real assets. Thereby, some business owners might get insurance policies like Key person insurance in their employees’ names to safeguard the future of their firm. To know what is key person insurance, you can rely on internet resources or consult an insurance advisor near you. To conclude, background verification has become a mandatory process for every firm hiring new employees. Our state-of-the-art applicant tracking system will make your life as an employer or hiring manager easier, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that due diligence has been provided. No one can guarantee 100% perfect outcomes, but the point of due diligence is to take every possible, legal step to screen those who work at your company in advance. In some industries, specific regulatory compliance is needed, such as FCRA-compliant checks in healthcare. E-verify and electronic I-9 services are available as well.

Why Background Profiles®?

We are one of the top employee screening companies. With our home office in California, we service companies across the USA and in industries as diverse as healthcare, education, government and non-profits. Our industry-leading online interface as well as other technologies make it easy for you to outsource the background check service to us. If you’d like to learn more about our employee screening services, please contact your Background Profiles Sales Representative today 1-800-800-0197.