Employee Driver Record Search Service

What is a Motor Vehicle Driver Record Search and who needs it?

This search provides information on an individual’s driving history in a state. A candidate’s driver report provides insight into the individual’s background and character regardless of the position for which he or she is applying. Also, the report can be used to verify the driver’s license number, address, date of birth, and identity. In some circumstances, it may be used to check if the candidate has sufficient insurance for their vehicle. If not, they may be required to have a look at something like this nationwide auto insurance review to ensure that they have the relevant coverage needed to remain safe on the roads at all times. It’s important to remember that records are obtained directly from the Motor Vehicle Department in each state, not from a potentially outdated database. All records are accessed in compliance with the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and state law.

  • Turnaround time: typically 24 to 72 hours (average is 33 hours)


It is a recommended search for any candidate who will drive a company vehicle or drive his or her own vehicle on behalf of the company during business hours. If you are a transportation company, it could be a necessity for you to obtain motor trade insurance from i4mt or similar firms, before putting your vehicles on road. It would certainly ensure that you are not financially stressed in case of mishaps, as they are quite unpredictable.
And when your fleets are insured, you can then think about which drivers to hire. If you already have a list of potential employees who will be driving cars and/or trucks, you need to work with an employee driver’s record service that can truly help. You could also let your employees know about gap insurance (Guaranteed Auto Protection) for their own car, this covers a lot of potential eventualities that may happen if they are driving a lot for work. We work extensively in the transportation industry on employee drivers record searches as a service to you. Bear in mind that you may be subject to a record search if you’re looking to finance a car through a company like Money Expert.

Why Background Profiles ®?

We go directly to the source, not to secondary, outdated databases. When you need current information on your new hire, you can count on us for accurate information, all of the time.

If you’d like to learn more about our motor vehicle driver record services, please contact your Background Profiles Sales Representative today at 1-800-800-0197.

Updated: 5/15/2016