National Practitioner Data Bank Search on Employees

What is the National Practitioner Data Bank?

These databases of employee data are primarily an alert or flagging system intended to facilitate a comprehensive review of health care practitioners’ professional credentials. The information contained in the NPDB is intended to direct discrete inquiry into, and scrutiny of, specific areas of a practitioner’s licensure, professional society memberships, medical malpractice payment history, and record of clinical privileges. The information contained in the NPDB should be considered together with other relevant data in evaluating a practitioner’s credentials; it is intended to augment, not replace, traditional forms of credentials review.

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Why Background Profiles®?

Gathering information on your potential employees isn’t always easy. As authorized agents for access to the NPDB as well as HIPDB, our service representatives can guide you through the necessary searches that give you the most information regarding your new hire.

If you’d like to learn more about our National Practitioner Data Bank services, please contact your Background Profiles Sales Representative today at 1-800-800-0197.

Updated: 5/15/2016