Employee Background Checks in the Temporary Staffing Industry

Matching millions of people to millions of jobs – making sure your next recruit is a perfect match!

The agility and flexibility of our ever-growing contingency of workers mean you can offer a wide range of workers to your clients; but DON’T run the risk of a lawsuit just because money and a quick turn around time kept you from running a background check on your applicants. A bad hire can be your worst nightmare!

Of course, nowadays, more and more businesses are using staffing software and management tools available from prim-software.com as well as other recruitment solutions to ensure that only the right candidates are selected for a role, but ultimately, completing background checks on prospective employees is still fundamental.

The staffing industry is in a unique position. The quality of your recruits determines the integrity and salability of your business. Making the connection between a recruit and a client varies based on your client’s industry. Determining what background check services you need enables you to create an efficient yet diverse workforce. Our services include employee background checks and employee screenings for both temporary employees, as well as the so-called temp-to-perm type of employee. You as a recruiter or temporary staff agency can utilize us as your method for employee background checks.

At Background Profiles® our screening experts can put you ahead of your competition. Incorporating a pre-screening service into your general interviewing procedure shortens the response time when a specific job request is received. Drug testing, credit checks, and criminal checks that pre-qualify individuals mean optimum staffing that strengthens the reputation of your company and your applicants. Once you have your perfect team in place make sure they are being well looked after with Together mentoring software.

Your solution for Staffing and Recruit screening:

  • Criminal Records Searches
  • Right-to-Work Verification
  • Drug Testing
  • National Criminal Records Search/Sex Offender Registry
  • Federal District Criminal Records Search
  • Employment Verification

Updated: 5/15/2016