Nonprofit Sector Employee Background Checks & Screenings

Recruiting the wrong volunteers can be “non-profit-able” for your organization.

Not-for-profit or non-profit doesn’t mean not liable – when you choose not to do a background check on a volunteer you are putting your whole organization at risk for charges of negligent hiring practices.

At the heart of every non-profit organization are its people. They are the face, the voice, and often the life that keeps the doors open. So choosing the right volunteers and staff affects every aspect of your organization. The Volunteers for Children Act states that “if a volunteer or employee of an organization sexually molests a child in his or her care and if it can be shown that this volunteer or employee had previously been convicted of a relevant crime (in the US), that organization may be held liable for negligent hiring.” Therefore, conducting volunteer background checks and volunteer screenings are important responsibilities; accordingly, so are employee background checks in the non-profit sector. We can help.

Volunteer recruiters need the assurance of an accurate background check that is fast and inexpensive. At Background Profiles® we are sensitive to your employment needs. We charge one fee for National Criminal Records Searches that includes the Sex Offender Registry. If a potential record is identified, we automatically verify the data by sending a researcher to the appropriate county court for direct access to the record for your added protection and to reduce your hiring risk or volunteer risk.

Your Solution for Volunteer Screening and Background Checks:

  • Criminal Records Searches
  • National Criminal Records Search/Sex Offender Registry
  • Special Education Certifications/Licenses
  • Identity Verification

In addition, we have full services for employee background checks and employee screenings in the non-profit sector.

Updated: 5/15/2016