Transportation Industry Employee Background Checks & Screenings

Hiring without the right employee background checks can be as hazardous as transporting under bad weather conditions.

Safety is key in the transportation industry. As well as checking out things like this Guide to truck insurance for new drivers to ensure that vehicles will be protected whilst on the road, it’s also important for businesses to make sure that they can trust the people that they will be putting behind the wheel and potentially trusting with expensive cargo. Therefore, for HR professionals and recruiters in the transportation industry, having a way to identify competent employees is essential. It is why companies invest in systems like those Lytx and other developers provide, so they can keep track of these things. Changes in federal regulations over the years mean stricter requirements and lengthier processes for hiring applicants. We are experts at employee background check services in the transportation industry, whether it’s trucking or aviation, parcel delivery or sensitive drone services. Some trucking or transportation recruitment companies find that using somewhere similar to Tenstreet could help to find the right employee for them.

Background Profiles ┬« understands that specific industry knowledge is crucial to your company’s success in complying with state and federal requirements unique to air and ground transportation such as PRIA and FAA and the DOT. We conduct criminal records searches, drug and alcohol history searches, training records and certifications, employment history and FAA flight violations history, national driver records, and more, ensuring that all key components of your screening are in complete compliance.

Background Profiles announces a new partnership designed to help trucking companies such as the likes of CSA Transportation (look here for more info) find an easier way to find qualified drivers.

Your Solution for Transportation Employee Screening:

  • FAA License Verification
  • FAA Approved Forms
  • Drug Testing
  • Training Records
  • National Driver Record
  • PRIA
  • Criminal Records Search
  • Form I-9 Employment Verification

Updated: 5/15/2016