Education Employee Background Checks and Screenings

Are your new hires putting you “At Risk”?

Teacher turnover, a safe learning environment, and stricter state and federal education requirements of “No Child Left Behind” – are you meeting the standards with your new hires and employees or are you “At Risk”?

From pre-school to elementary to secondary and postsecondary, educational institutions have the daunting task of providing a safe, quality education, which means you need to hire exceptional teaching professionals and staff. But it doesn’t stop there; even postsecondary institutions require students to have a background check to comply with new school security measures.

With all of these issues at stake, HR professionals in the education industry need to take every precaution to reduce teacher turnover and hire administrative staff with exemplary profiles.

Background Profiles® works with your organization to provide timely, cost effective, productive solutions for education employee background checks and employee screening that offer you the security of education-specific requirements for your next staff hire. We go beyond county searches and offer a National Criminal Records database search that uncovers indiscretions, not simply where an applicant lives, works, or went to school. Our due diligence in discovery means we help you protect not only our youth, but your reputation as well.

Your solution for Educational Employee screening:

  • Education Verification
  • Professional License/Teaching Credential Verification
  • National Criminal Records / Sex Offender Registry
  • Identity Verification
  • Criminal Records Searches