PRIA - Pilot Records Improvement Act

What is PRIA and who needs it?

According to PRIA (Pilot Records Improvement Act), air carrier employers must request, receive, and evaluate certain information concerning a pilot/applicant’s training, experience, qualifications, and safety background before allowing that individual to begin service with their company as a pilot.


  • Any air carrier or other person hiring an individual as a pilot of a public or civil aircraft
  • An individual who has prior experience and who is applying to an air carrier


For our FAA-regulated clients we offer services designed to comply with basic PRIA requirements including:

  • Previous Air Carrier Employment Records Checks (5 years)
  • FAA Records Check
  • National Driver Registry (NDR) Records

For those air carriers who require more than the basic services, we provide additional background screening services including:

  • Criminal Records Searches
  • Credit Reports
  • Employment Verifications
  • Right-to-Work Certifications
  • We also offer airframe and power plant licensing verifications.


Why Background Profiles®?

We have the staff and the processes in place to effectively track and report PRIA information.
It’s economically advantageous to outsource the management of the PRIA process.
If you’d like to learn more about the services offered to FAA-regulated companies, please contact your Background Profiles Sales Representative today 1-800-800-0197.