As Part of Comprehensive Employee Screening Services, Background Profiles Announces Update to Information Pages on e-Verify and I-9 Compliance

October 25, 2016 – Pleasant Hill, California. Background Profiles, an employee screening and background check service, is proud to announce that the company has updated two key information pages on the timely topics of e-Verify and I-9 compliance. Under current law, many employers are required to pro-actively verify employee eligibility for work in the United States. The newly updated pages help employers educate themselves about how to outsource some of this workload to a sophisticated employee screening service.I-9

“Employers face many mandates these days; among them is the requirement to verify that a potential employee is eligible for work in the United States,” explained Scott Moran, CEO of Background Profiles. “Our newly updated pages touch on two issues – e-Verify and I-9 compliance – in this domain. Our goal as a premier employee screening service is to assist employers in compliance with regulatory mandates among other services when it comes to background checks on potential employees.”

To view the newly updates pages, visit (e-Verify) and (I-9 Compliance). No two employers are alike, and it is important to have a customized proposal for any employee screening process to receive adequate services, not only for employee eligibility verification.

The Importance of Employee Screening

More and more employers are realizing the importance of pre employment screening australia for their employees. In some industries such as healthcare or finance, regulatory requirements are forcing companies to be more systematic, up to and including using applicant tracking systems to monitor the employee life cycle. Many employers – especially those with a large payroll – are required to pro-actively verify and validate employee eligibility to work in the United States. Even smaller employers face many daunting regulatory requirements. Companies that do have a large payroll may find they don’t have enough time to verify and validate their employees, as well as complying with other payroll laws, as well as then carrying out payroll, this is why the majority of big companies outsource their payroll processes to payroll services such as or others.

Just one bad hire can have a catastrophic impact on a business; the risks are great when making a hire decision. By providing a suite of comprehensive employee screening and background check services, Background Profiles helps employers streamline their employee hiring processes.

About Background Profiles

As a nationally recognized background check and employee screening service, Background Profiles understands the complexity of employee background checks in today’s workplace. The company provides easy, automated web-­based access to verify employee identity and to discover available information on an employee such as drug testing, criminal records, education history, social security number trace report, E-Verify and more. The company’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) are state­-of-­the-­art and are Web­-based. Companies in healthcare, education, government, the non­profit sector, transportation and even staffing rely on Background Profiles as their trusted employee screening service provider.

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