Why Using an Employee Applicant Tracking System Makes Your Life Easier

If you need to hire employees on a regular basis for your business an employee applicant tracking system can save you a considerable amount of time and, as a consequence, money. Our state-of-the-art applicant tracking system lets you enter your criteria for a new employee and then filters out applicants who do not meet your requirements.Applicant Tracking System

What this means to you as an employer is that you can save a considerable amount of time interviewing candidates for a position, in the certain knowledge that your interviewees have the abilities and experience that you require. This can speed the onboarding process up, allowing the new employees to get straight into their job as soon as they’re confident with the role. When hiring new employees, it can be a hassle to manually set up each device every time a new person enters the business. That’s why a lot of big companies have invested in software deployment to ensure their devices can be easily set-up and configured, ready for the employee’s first day.

Cut Out Wasted Time using an Applicant Tracking System

In effect, using our applicant tracking system lets you cut out all of the wasted time interviewing applicants who do not have the necessary skills, background, and abilities that you need so that you are really only interviewing a shortlist. This can save hours, days, and even weeks of totally unproductive time and frustration spent with candidates who do not meet the conditions that you demand. There is nothing much worse than spending all day interviewing job applicants who do not possess the qualifications that you require. While the HR department is responsible for documenting and recording all employee information across all company CRMs, they also look at end-to-end processes from onboarding to offboarding. The significant burden that manual cataloging and recording carries can exhaust your HR department and prevent it from focusing on its core responsibilities. According to surveys, rpa services can automate more than half of traditional HR functions.

The entire hiring process is reduced to one which means that your only problem is to select the best individual from a small group, all of whom have the talents that you seek.

Aside from that, HR professionals face several challenges after the hiring process is completed. When the onboarding process for new employees begins, for example, it may represent an organizational nightmare. For both the human resources department and the newcomer, the mandatory steps are numerous, repetitive, and time-consuming. This administrative burden can be so onerous that it may put off the new employees as soon as they start their new job. Those in charge of onboarding management, on the other hand, may tend to rush through the onboarding steps. This could in turn increase the risk of errors and oversights, thus leaving the new employee feeling neglected and left out. Organizations could avoid such unfortunate situations by making use of an employee onboarding platform like those offered by Folks HR to lighten the HR’s workload and save valuable time of both the employer and employees; time that the latter could utilize to focus on more important matters.

Other Factors Come Into Play

Of course, abilities alone are not necessarily a reason for making a hiring decision. A number of other factors come into play. This is where professional background checks are vital. Certainly, you need someone who has all of the skills and qualifications that are necessary, but you also have to take into consideration the fact that you do not want to hire someone who has all those skills but, for example, has a drug addiction or a criminal record.

At Background Profiles ® we offer clients a complete service covering every sort of check that might make a candidate unsuitable for you as an employer. For example, an applicant might be suitable in every way but have an extremely poor credit record and is in a lot of debt. You might want to take this into consideration if you are employing someone in a position which involves handling the company’s finances and where there might be a temptation to commit fraud. It may be that the individual concerned is perfectly honest, but like many people has simply suffered financial problems. The point is that you cannot be too careful.

You could be employing someone in a position involving a lot of driving. In this case, you would be concerned if that person had a very poor driving record and had suffered penalties as a result.

Background Profiles is one of the best known employee screening companies in the US and offers clients a complete background check on all potential employees together with existing employees. No matter how well you think you may know someone – even if they have worked for you for years – it makes good sense to double check every now and again.

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