Background Profiles® is a Bay Area and National Employee Background Check Company

Based in Pleasant Hill, Background Profiles® is technically a local Bay Area company offering employee background checks to all local businesses. However, we are not just a background check company Bay Area: we can provide employee background checks on a national basis. So no matter if your business is in Washington DC or Fairhope, Alabama we can help.

Employee Drug Testing

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Of course, if your business is locally based you can call on us at any time for employee background checks and for things such as drug testing. Fifty years ago an employer had to use his or her gut instinct, together with written references that may or may not have been correct, in order to make a hiring decision. Today, with the advent of the internet all of that has changed beyond recognition.

51% Of Resumes Contain Errors – It’s a Fact

There are still a lot of businesses – probably the majority – that do not use employee background checks when hiring new employees, but since the process exposes so many frauds one could argue that it is almost criminal not to do so. Recent studies have shown that no less than 51% of resumes supplied by potential employees contain inaccuracies, whether by the sin of omission or commission, which means that half of the people you interview for a position with your company are not giving you the correct information.

Our background check company Bay Area can help you to discover the truth about every applicant, rather than simply the facts that they might like to present.

Let’s face it: anyone with something to hide is going to hide it. They are very unlikely to tell you that they have a conviction for theft when they are applying for a job. Without using the services of a background check company in the San Francisco Bay Area, how can you ever know? You can only go on what they tell you and, of course, your gut instinct.

Sadly, relying on gut instinct and possible untruths from an applicant is going to see that you finish up with an employee who may be totally unsuitable for the position on offer. Do you really want to employ someone in your accounts department who has a conviction for theft? We would suspect not.

Drug Users On The Workshop Floor

Do you want someone on your machine workshop floor who is a regular user of cocaine and heroin? Of course you don’t. The risks of workplace accidents are not acceptable, especially when you consider that no less than 9% of the total population over the age of 12 uses drugs.

It is also the case that if you let all prospective employees know that your company does carry out background checks, anyone with a bad record will simply not make an application in the first place, saving you not just the time of interviewing them, but the risk of employing them.

Whether your business is based in the Bay Area or anywhere else in the country we have the contacts and the know-how to ensure that the background of any potential employee is fully available to you in order that you can make a wise decision.

Photo credit: Andres Rueda via / CC BY

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