Background Profiles Announces an Update to Employee Criminal Background Checks Web Page

November 1, 2016 – Pleasant Hill, California. Background Profiles, an employee screening and background check service, is proud to announce an update to its information page on employee criminal background checks. These checks are an important part of any hiring process as if employers are negligent when it comes to making sure they are creating a safe space for their employees and customers, they could be contacted by someone like premises liability attorney Jeff Mehalic and have a case brought against them. The upgrade, part of a comprehensive new website, adds fresh information about this background check service for employers in many industries. Proper vetting of potential hires via a background screening, as this can prevent wrong employment decisions and limit employer liability.

“There can be serious consequences if proper vetting of new hires is not thoroughly done, and most companies realize that it is best to involve a partner who is experienced with the background check for employment process,” explained Scott Moran, CEO of Background Profiles. “This update to the criminal background check information page lets companies’ hiring managers get up to speed quickly Employee Background Checksregarding the services we can provide, and alerts them to all aspects of the multiple layers of jurisdictions that need to be considered.”

An Update to Information on Employee Criminal Background Check Services

One of Background Profiles’ special areas of service is in conducting employee criminal background checks, both for current employees as well as pre-employment criminal background checks for potential hires. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is potential legal exposure, employers need to know if a potential hire has a criminal record. However, full due diligence in an employee criminal background check is not easy because not only does one have to meet legal or regulatory requirements but also one must search multiple levels of criminal records on a potential employee.

The newly updated page details some of the levels of government records that must be dealt with such as the following:

County Level Criminal Records Search
This includes superior, upper, lower, and/or municipal court records, in each county court jurisdiction nationwide.

Statewide Level Criminal Records Search
Searching state records complements county-level inquiries.

Federal District Level Criminal Records Search
Crimes that don’t necessarily fall under local laws are under federal jurisdiction. These crimes may include: tax evasion, embezzlement, counterfeiting, and similar “white collar” crimes, many of which may have involved a California whistleblower attorney, or similar legal advisors.

National Criminal Records/Sex Offender Database Search
This search must be on a national scales, not limited simply where an applicant lives and works currently.

To view the updated page on criminal background check services for employers, visit There, one can not only peruse the newly updated informational page, but also click up to the homepage, which has also had a content upgrade. Persons interested in exploring the employee background check services provided by the company are urged to click up to the ‘contact us’ button, and reach out for a consultation.

About Background Profiles

As a nationally recognized background check and employee screening service, Background Profiles understands the complexity of employee background checks in today’s workplace. The company provides easy, automated web-­based access to verify employee identity and to discover available information on an employee such as drug testing, criminal records, education history, social security number trace report, E-Verify and more. The company’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) are state­-of-­the-­art and are Web­-based. Companies in healthcare, education, government, the non­profit sector, transportation and even staffing rely on Background Profiles as their trusted employee screening service provider.

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