Leading Employee Screening Service, Background Profiles Announces New Updates to its Blog

Pleasant Hill, California – October 31, 2016. Background Profiles, an employee screening and background check service at https://www.backgroundprofiles.com/, is proud to announce new updates to its lively blog. With employers keenly interested in the issues surrounding employee background checks and screening, the blog is a key component of the company’s outreach strategy.

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“We know that both employers and HR managers are under incredible pressure to keep up with issues surrounding their employees,” explained Scott Moran, CEO of Background Profiles. “New updates to our blog and a continuing strategy mean that they can use our blog as a way for quick ‘food for thought’ posts vis-a-vis employee screening and background check issues.”

To visit the blog, go to https://backgroundprofiles.com/blog/. There once can browse a quick list of posts topic-by-topic, plus see new posts just uploaded since the company’s major website overhaul in August, 2016.

Timely Posts to a Lively Blog on Employee Screening Issues

With employers and HR managers keenly interested in issues surrounding employment, Background Profiles is announcing ambitious updates to its blog. Some posts have already been published; others will be rolled out in the months ahead. A sample post covers the issue of the ‘global terrorist watch list,’ and how an effective employee screening service can assist employers in validating all hires against government lists of potentially dangerous persons. The posts also points readers to a ‘deep dive’ on the global terrorist watch at https://backgroundprofiles.com/global-terrorist-watch/. Similarly, a second post covers the issue of social security number trace reports and how important it is to verify and validate the social security numbers of potential hires. Interested parties can look forward to several posts per month on timely topics relating to employer / employee relations and screening issues.

About Background Profiles

As a nationally recognized background check and employee screening service, Background Profiles understands the complexity of employee background checks in today’s workplace. The company provides easy, automated web-­based access to verify employee identity and to discover available information on an employee such as drug testing, criminal records, education history, social security number trace report, E-Verify and more. The company’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) are state­-of-­the-­art and are Web­-based. Companies in healthcare, education, government, the non­profit sector, transportation and even staffing rely on Background Profiles as their trusted employee screening service provider.

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